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Radare2: Unix-Like Reverse Engineering Framework

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See the Releases page for binary downloads. The current git master branch is 5.5.5, and the next release will be 5.6.0.

r2 is a complete rewrite of radare. It provides a set of libraries, tools and plugins to ease reverse engineering tasks.

The radare project started as a simple command-line hexadecimal editor focused on forensics. Today, r2 is a featureful low-level command-line tool with support for scripting. r2 can edit files on local hard drives, view kernel memory, and debug programs locally or via a remote gdb server. r2's wide architecture support allows you to analyze, emulate, debug, modify, and disassemble any binary.



r2 can be installed via git or pip.

git clone
pip install r2env
r2env init
r2env add radare2@git


These are the first steps to use r2, read the book or find tutorials for more details

$ r2 /bin/ls   # open the binary in read-only mode
> aaa          # same as r2 -A, analyse the binary
> afl          # list all functions (try aflt, aflm)
> px 32        # print 32 byte hexdump current block
> s sym.main   # seek to the given offset (by flag name, number, ..)
> f~foo        # filter flags with ~grep (same as |grep)
> iS;is        # list sections and symbols (same as rabin2 -Ss)
> pdf; agf     # print function and show control-flow-graph in ascii-art
> oo+;w hello  # reopen in rw mode and write a string in the current offset
> ?*~...       # interactive filter all command help messages
> q            # quit



Many plugins are included with r2 by default. You can find more plugins using the r2pm package manager.

r2pm -ci <pkg> # install a package

Some of the most installed packages are:

  • esilsolve: The symbolic execution plugin, based on esil and z3.
  • iaito: The official Qt graphical interface.
  • radius: A fast symbolic execution engine based on boolector and r2.
  • r2dec: A decompiler based on r2 written in JS, accessed with the pdd command.
  • r2ghidra: The native ghidra decompiler plugin, accessed with the pdg command.
  • r2frida: The frida io plugin. Start r2 with r2 frida://0 to use it.


There are many ways to contribute to the project. Contact the community, check out the github issues, or grep for TODO/FIXME/XXX comments in the source.

To contribute code, push your changes to a branch on your fork of the repository. Please ensure that you follow the coding and style guidelines and that your changes pass the testing suite, which you can run with the r2r tool. If you are adding significant code, it may be necessary to modify or add additional tests in the test/ directory.

For more details, see and


To learn more about r2 we encourage you to watch youtube talks from r2con. In addition to reading blogposts, slides or the official radare2 book, here are some methods to contact us:


Supported Platforms

Operating Systems

Windows (since XP), Linux, Darwin, GNU/Hurd, Apple's {Mac,i,iPad,watch}OS, Android [Dragonfly, Net, Free, Open] BSD, Z/OS, QNX, SerenityOS, Solaris, Haiku, Vinix, FirefoxOS.


i386, x86-64, ARM, MIPS, PowerPC, SPARC, RISC-V, SH, m68k, m680x, AVR, XAP, S390, XCore, CR16, HPPA, ARC, Blackfin, Z80, H8/300, V810, V850, CRIS, XAP, PIC, LM32, 8051, 6502, i4004, i8080, Propeller, Tricore, CHIP-8, LH5801, T8200, GameBoy, SNES, SPC700, MSP430, Xtensa, NIOS II, Java, Dalvik, WebAssembly, MSIL, EBC, TMS320 (c54x, c55x, c55+, c66), Hexagon, Brainfuck, Malbolge, whitespace, DCPU16, LANAI, MCORE, mcs96, RSP, SuperH-4, VAX, AMD Am29000, LOONGARCH.

File Formats

ELF, Mach-O, Fatmach-O, PE, PE+, MZ, COFF, OMF, TE, XBE, BIOS/UEFI, Dyldcache, DEX, ART, CGC, Java class, Android boot image, Plan9 executable, ZIMG, MBN/SBL bootloader, ELF coredump, MDMP (Windows minidump), WASM (WebAssembly binary), Commodore VICE emulator, QNX, WAD, OFF, TIC-80 Game Boy (Advance), Nintendo DS ROMs and Nintendo 3DS FIRMs, various filesystems.

Packaging Status

  • Termux package
  • Alpine Linux Edge package Alpine Linux 3.13 package Alpine Linux 3.12 package
  • Arch package AUR package
  • Fedora 34 package Fedora 32 package
  • FreeBSD port OpenBSD port pkgsrc current package
  • Homebrew package MacPorts package
  • HaikuPorts master package
  • Ubuntu 20.04 package Ubuntu 18.04 package
  • Debian Unstable package Raspbian Stable package Kali Linux Rolling package