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1. Install prerequisites

Debian based distributions

Update the system:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

Install prerequisites:

sudo apt-get install \
  libtool autoconf automake make pkg-config liburcu-dev libgnutls28-dev libedit-dev liblmdb-dev

Install optional packages:

sudo apt-get install \
  libcap-ng-dev libsystemd-dev libidn2-0-dev libprotobuf-c-dev protobuf-c-compiler libfstrm-dev libmaxminddb-dev libnghttp2-dev libmnl-dev

Fedora like distributions

Update the system:

dnf upgrade

Install basic development tools:

dnf install @buildsys-build

Install prerequisites:

dnf install \
  libtool autoconf automake pkgconfig userspace-rcu-devel gnutls-devel libedit-devel lmdb-devel

Install optional packages:

dnf install \
  libcap-ng-devel systemd-devel libidn2-devel protobuf-c-devel fstrm-devel libmaxminddb-devel libnghttp2-devel libmnl-devel

When compiling on RHEL based system, the Fedora EPEL repository has to be enabled. Also for RHEL 6, forward compatibility package gnutls30-devel with newer GnuTLS is required instead of gnutls-devel.

2. Install Knot DNS

Get the source code:

git clone

Or extract source package to knot-dns directory.

Compile the source code:

cd knot-dns
autoreconf -if

Install Knot DNS into system:

sudo make install
sudo ldconfig


1. Ensure some configuration


Please see samples/knot.sample.conf, project documentation, or man 5 knot.conf for more details. Basically the configuration should specify:

  • network interfaces
  • served zones

E.g. use the default configuration file:

cd /etc/knot
mv knot.sample.conf knot.conf

Modify the configuration file:

editor knot.conf

2. Prepare working directory

mv /var/lib/knot/

3. Start the server


This can be done by running the knotd command. Alternatively, your distribution should have an init script available, if you installed Knot DNS from a binary package.

Start the server in foreground to see if it runs:

knotd -c /etc/knot/knot.conf